jueves, 29 de mayo de 2008

Las metodologías que aplicamos:

Reuniones de Grupo (Focus Groups)
Entrevistas en Profundidad
Estudios ProyectivosPre y Post Copy Test

Entrevistas Personales
Entrevistas Telefónicas
In Home Tests
Tests de Sabores
Tests de Productos (Blind Tests y Tests de Marcas)
Test de Marcas
Tests de Aromas
Mistery Shopper Desk Research

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Unknown dijo...

We are a market research company from Brazil

Currently, we have large chances to win a project involving Paraguay and we need a trustufl and cost-effective partner there.

LOI: 25 min
Client will provide questionnaire already programmed in local languages

We only need from you field work (interviewing)

We would like to have your quote, which email can I send it, since I need to include some attachments?

I look for hearing from you soon


Geisa Rodrigues
AG3 Consulting